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Post Operative Care
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Please read these instructions carefully as they provide answers to questions you will have about what to expect after surgery. The success of your surgery depends on your completion of the postoperative instructions described below.

What to Expect After Surgery:

  • Bleeding: It is normal to have some bloody discharge for the first 3-5 days after surgery.
  • Pain: You should expect some pain for the first several days after surgery. Extra-strength Tylenol is often all that is needed for mild post-operative discomfort. You should avoid aspirin and NSAIDs such as Motrin, Advil, and Aleve. If Tylenol is not sufficient to control the pain, you should use the post-operative pain medication prescribed by your doctor.
  • Fatigue: You can expect to feel very tired for the first week after surgery. This is normal and most patients plan on taking at least 1 week off of work to recover. Every patient is different and some return to work sooner.
  • Postoperative visits: You will have a certain number of postoperative visits depending on what surgery you have. These visits are very important to aid the healing process so it is essential that you attend all those scheduled for you. There is some discomfort involved with the cleaning so it is best to take a pain medication (described above) 45 minutes before your visit.

When to Call After Surgery:

  • Fever after the day of surgery higher than 101°F
  • Constant clear watery discharge after the first week of surgery
  • Sudden visual changes or eye swelling
  • Severe headache or neck stiffness
  • Severe diarrhea

Who to Call for an After Surgery Emergency

Note: If this is a true emergency, please go to the nearest hospital emergency room.

During the day you should call Nigro’s Office:  (412)486-5100

For questions, please call any of our offices during normal business hours. If you have an important question that requires attention after business hours, please call:  412-491-6084